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New Single "Like Daisy on A Red Balloon" out now!

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Comeback or "Who is Mrs. Doe?"

Misses Doe is THE new up and coming rockband. 30 years ago three members of the band - Mr. Greener on guitars, Pat on keys and Chris Taylor on bass - had a Top-3-Single in Switzerland with their former band "Cariot". They were the opening act for Bob Geldof, Golden Earring, Pretty Maids, Motörhead, Johnny Logan, Erasure and many more in front of thousands of fans at Donauinselfest Vienna, Posthof, Arena, Szene Wien, Rockhaus, Rockhouse Salzburg and many other venues in Austria, Switzerland, Germany and the Czech Republic. Now they are back with a new line-up: the female singer Mrs. Doe and drummer KrisU complete the band. Catchy and modern synth loops and keyboard lines paired with extraordinary guitars, a solid bass and powerful drum combination - that is Misses Doe's new musical style. Above all stands the outstanding voice of Mrs. Doe. Listen to our songs which are available on all platforms.

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VOX: Mrs. Doe

Birthday: November 16th
Likes: Skulls, travelling, family time, her cat
Favorite dish: Sushi
Favorite drink: Red wine
Favorite artist: Iron Maiden, Slipknot
Previous bands: G.O.D, T-Roxx
picture of mr. greener

GUITARS: Mr. Greener

Birthday: November 1st
Plays: Gibson Les Paul, Gibson Hometown Custom, Ovation 6 & 12 String, Marshall Amps & Cabinets
Likes: Travels with his motorbike
Favorite dish: Pizza & Pasta
Favorite drink: Single malt Scotch Islay Whiskey
Favorite artist: Pink, J. Bonamassa, Gary Moore
Previous bands: Garvus, Cariot, Peggy Zue, Purple Bonsai
picture of pat


Birthday: December 10th
Plays: Korg Instr, Hammond, Theremin
Likes: Sound engineering, astro photography
Favorite dish: All I can eat
Favorite drink: Austrian beer
Favorite artist: Anton Bruckner, Deep Purple, Queen, Pink Floyd, Ayreon
Previous bands: Cariot, Shaka, Purple Bonsai
picture of chris taylor

BASS: Chris Taylor

Birthday: November 8th
Plays: Fender Jazz Bass, Gallien Krueger Amp
Likes: Travelling, hiking, his dog
Favorite dish: Shrimps
Favorite drink: Jameson Whiskey
Favorite artist: Toto, Journey
Previous bands: Royal Project, Cariot, Freakbox
picture of krisU


Birthday: February 23rd
Plays: Drumcraft, Roland V-Drums, Zildjian
Likes: Live Concerts, Netflix, Motor-Cycling, Wellness
Favorite Dish: Käsespätzle, Cordon Bleu
Favorite Drink: Lemon ice-tea, Radler
Favorite Artist: Korn, Slipknot, For Today
Previous Bands: Moral Insanity, Daisycutter, A-Cross, JURA, Purple Bonsai